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Our volume-based rates make storing any amount of property affordable.

Take It Away Storage Rates

Amount of Property Stored cubic feet price per ft3 % Savings
 Your first 20 cubic feet of items stored (tier 1) 0-20 $1.20/month
 Your next 70 cubic feet of items stored (tier 2) 20-90 $0.60/month 50%
 Your next 85 cubic feet of items stored (tier 3) 90-175 $0.50/month 58%
 Your next 200 cubic feet of items stored (tier 4) 175-375 $0.35/month 71%
 Your next x cubic feet of items stored… (tier 5) 375+ $0.30/month 75%

Updated 5/7/2015.

See How Discounts Are Applied.

How We Apply Volume Discounts

Take It Away automatically reduces your storage rate, per item, based on the total amount of property you store with us. Discounts begin after the first 20 cubic feet of property you store. (That’s 6 of our crates, or something the size of a bedroom dresser.)  Once stored, an item’s monthly rate stays the same, but storing additional items later may reduce the rate for those new items even further. For estimates call (703) 229-4443 or use our handy Storage Estimator.


If you store 10 Take It Away crates (= 35 cubic feet), you’ll be charged the “tier 1” rate for the first 6 crates (21 cubic feet), and the “tier 2” rate for crates 7-10. Later, if you have us return crates 1-5, we will continue storing crate 6 at the tier 1 rate, and crates 7-10 at the lower tier 2 rate (even though you now have less than 20 cubic feet of property stored).

Call (703) 229-4443 for a price quote or use our Storage Estimator below. No hidden fees or self storage hassles, just the space you need!

Less Expensive Than Self Storage

Take It Away costs less, whether you store a lot or a little.

Based on average self storage pricing in zip codes where Take It Away also provides service (as of 12/1/2014). “Useable space” for self storage units is deemed to be as follows: 5×5 (96 cubic feet), 5×10 (192 cubic feet), 10×10 (384 cubic feet), 10×20 (864 cubic feet), 10×30 (1,344 cubic feet).

No Hidden Fees. Ever.

Traditional self storage often costs more than advertised due to extra fees in fine print.

 Consumers pay old-fashioned self storage companies MILLIONS in extra fees each year.

 Take It Away offers clear, fair pricing, and you’ll never pay a penny in hidden fees!