Take It Away does it differently to offer you better value and service.


Location matters…but not to you.

Traditional storage companies pass their high facilities costs on to consumers. Users have to take their own stuff back and forth (or pay extra to hire help), so travel distance matters and the big storage chains pay more for real estate that’s close enough to be “convenient.”  Take It Away is different — we’ll do the driving while you stay home, and everything you store is just a click or phone call away. We pay less to build our secure, modern facilities, and pass that savings on to you!

We come to you.

Our service teams visit you when you need containers, packing services, and pickups or returns. We safely transport your property to and from our storage facilities, where it is stored under highly secure conditions. Almost any item you’d like to store can be picked up or returned to you within 24 hours.

Concierges make it easy.

Contact your local Take It Away concierge when you need containers, storage pickups or returns, or a consultation (to plan bigger jobs like downsizings, storage unit consolidations, local moves, etc.). Take It Away also makes it economical to store valuable but inconvenient items and get them back when you want to use them (like your canoe, or holiday decorations). Tell your concierge about your situation and “We’ll Take Care of It!”

Crate Wall 3

We use space more efficiently.

No more lockers! We store your property on floor-to-ceiling industrial shelving that fully utilizes available space in a way traditional storage can’t match, and we pass the savings on to you.

Pay for the space you actually use.

Take It Away’s fairer pricing is based on the volume of property you store with us, not inefficient square-footage-based rental unit pricing (where you always pay for some unusable space).

Technology, not walls.

Take It Away builds our clean, modern facilities where real estate costs are lower. We spend a lot less on construction because we use technology, instead of lockers, to separate and safeguard your property.

Less wasted space = cheaper storage.

Providing standard-sized stackable containers and using our own professional packing methods for oversized and oddly-shaped items eliminates more wasted storage space in our facilities and lowers your costs further.


Beam my stuff up, Scotty.

It didn’t take rocket science to figure out that Take It Away could revolutionize storage by using some smarter technology to remove the hassles and inefficiencies of self storage.

We use unique “SmartID” locator tags to identify and find any item quickly, and to keep track of your stored property so that you’ll always know exactly what you’ve entrusted to us.

We also use GPS and route-mapping software to schedule service visits efficiently, save gas, and arrive promptly. Our service teams are equipped with the right tech to coordinate complex jobs and handle on-the-spot requests.

More smart features coming soon:

  • View and manage your stored property online
  • View valuable items for sale by members in our online Warehouse Store™